School Teams

School Training

School training has always been at the core of almost every cheerleading gym in the country. We have decided to focus on this element and provide the absolute best coaching available to these school programs. With some teams wanting to work on skills like stunting, tumbling, motions, jumps, etc., and other teams wanting to compete and win every competition they attend, we can offer something to every program.

With a renewed emphasis on quality over quantity, we can only work with a handful a season and have exclusively picked our school teams. This allows us to ensure that the teams we train get all the attention that they deserve. If you feel like you are lost in a pool of teams, and you are "just another time slot", we can provide you with the devotion you have earned!

Who We Proudly Train

- Davidson Academy Varsity Football Squad

- Davidson Academy Middle School Squad

- JPII Basketball Squad

- Shafer Middle School Squad

- Sycamore Middle School Squad

- Sycamore Varsity Squad

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